Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Ware carnival

Falcon Cubs and Lea Beavers entered Ware carnival again. This year the theme was 'Flower Power', but we thought outside the box and our entry was named 'Flour Power'. The Cubs and Beavers were dressed as MacDougall's men and the Leaders were chefs!

The trek cart as a baker's tray

Our banner-thanks to Clare RW
Waiting to get started!

We won the Most Original entry trophy
Well done and thanks to everyone that helped with the entry-either on the day or with the prep beforehand.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Falcon Pack camp at Tolmers

Falcon Pack have just had their Pack camp at Tolmers, they were able to take part in lots of activities such as cooking their lunch on a fire-Backwoods style!

After washing up was finished, the Cubs had some free time. Some chose to play football and others to do some craft inside.

Some people had obviously had an early start!

Kayaking in the afternoon to gain stage one Paddlesports badge.

Then climbing on Sunday morning after camp was packed away. Oli-our former Leader was the instructor for this. Good to see him again.
Many thanks to all those who came along and helped at the camp and made sure it happened this year.

District go-karting competition

The Cubs of Falcon and Heron Packs attended the recent District go-karting competition, this year held at Chauncy school. All the Cubs had a great time and all tried their best at the event.
Start of the marathon event
Look! No hands!!
Callum and Noah who kindly did the Leaders race for Falcon Pack


Thursday, 27 April 2017

Queen's Scout parade at Windsor

While most of 3rd Ware attended the parade in the town, some others were lucky enough to attend the Queen's Scout parade in Windsor.

Akela and husband Duncan who had been awarded a Silver Acorn

1st Hook Sea Scout band

Band of the Coldstream Guards

Dano talking to the Duke of Kent who inspected the parade

The march round the quad

Bear and the Duke of Kent

Marching to St. George's chapel for the Queen's Scout service

The service was relayed out to those outside, the speaker was Brendan Cox, his wife Jo was an MP who was murdered by an extremist last year. He spoke about how Scouting has shaped his life and the Great Get Together weekend that he has brought about to get people involved together.
A very special day for everyone that was lucky enough to be there.
And especial congratulations to Dano for achieving his Queen's Scout Award, the first 'home grown' 3rd Ware Queen's Scout since the Senior Scout Troop of 1956!


Saturday, 25 March 2017

Falcon Pack at Pets at Home

The Cubs of Falcon Pack were able to visit Pets at Home in Hertford to learn about pet care and begin working towards their Animal Carer badge

First we learnt about what rabbits and guinea pigs like to eat and the fact they eat their own poo!
Then we felt the different temperatures of water that fish like to live in.
Then we looked at a very shy corn snake!

Last of all, we were able to go in with the vet and hear the heart beat of a guinea pig, it is very fast.
Many thanks to the staff of Pets at Home for a great visit.


Chief Scout Silver Award evening 2017

Those Cubs who had achieved the Silver award over the past year gathered together to receive a special Ware & District certificate presented to them by Jagz Bharth, one of the UK Youth Commissioners.

There were seven members of 3rd Ware present at the presentation with a further two more who were unable to make the evening.

The Cubs & Scouts with Jagz

 The participants from the all of the Groups in the District

Well done to everyone!

Monday, 6 March 2017

Pancake day

Shrove Tuesday saw the Cubs of Falcon Pack cooking and eating pancakes.

The Cubs also learnt the art of washing up after the cooking and eating!