Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Cubs 100 Promise party

The last centenary event of 2016 was the Promise Party that was held at Harlow Leisurezone. The Cubs were able to take part in a huge roller skating party, during which at 19:16 they re-made their Promise.

Trev DCSL leading the Promise with one Cub from each Pack that came along

Two Cubs enjoying their tea!

Mass Pass the Parcel!
The Cubs were also able to take part in circus skills in the main hall
Many thanks to all those that made this possible:
The Pack Leaders and Cubs who attended.
Those from the District team who helped out and made it happen.
Harlow Leisurezone staff who helped us with our many queries
Tesco Ware for supplying the food
And the many people who all ensured this once in a lifetime event could take place and we could be a small part of Scouting history



Mr Mulligan's golf

For our last Pack meeting of 2016 the Cubs had a visit to Mr. Mulligans's golf in Stevenage. They tried out both courses of Jungle and Ocean and fnished the evening off with a slush puppie!

Everyone had a good time and it was a great way to end the year!

Falcon Pack at Ware museum

Falcon Cubs visited Ware museum to see the Cubs 100 display as well as exploring some of the other exhibits in there.

 They were able to hear about life in the Second World War and dress up in some of the clothes there.

They also found out about life in Ware many years ago

Many thanks to the volunteers of Ware museum for enabling us to attend the evening, we really enjoyed it all!

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Falcon Pack visit Tesco

Falcon Pack visited Tesco in Ware to learn about Healthy Eating on one of their Farm to Fork visits.
They were able to see how much sugar there is in items such as coke and different breakfast cereals and were able to taste different apples to see which was their favourite.

They were able to make their own breakfast cereals from different dried fruits, cereals bases and flaked nuts.

At the end everyone was given a bag with some more information about healthy eating choices and some fruit.
Many thanks to all the parents who helped out as well as the staff from Tesco, we had a great evening! 
At the end of the evening the Cubs were able to jump into the huge freezer and we could see how the temperature went up very quickly!


Saturday, 3 December 2016

Christmas Tree

Well done to the Cubs and Beavers who created the decorations for our tree at the Leaside Christmas Tree Festival.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

100 years of Cubs museum display

The Centenary of Cubs display has opened at Ware museum. We had a short opening ceremony with special guest Peter Raymen (former ADC Cubs) to cut the ribbon and declare it open!
20 guests of Leaders, family and Cubs came along to view the exhibition which is now open until January 2017.

One of the boards with information about some of the Groups
Display cabinet with signed photo of Bear

Display cabinet showing badges from Wolf Cubs to present day,
scarves from all Groups, Cub caps and trophies

The Cubs that attended the opening
Peter R opening the display

Saturday, 17 September 2016