Friday, 10 August 2018

Cubs at the Lido

Falcon and Heron Packs ended the term with a visit to Ware Lido. It was a perfect sunny evening and all those that wanted to were able to complete the Swimmer stage 1 badge.

Hope everyone has a great summer and we look forward to seeing everyone back in September!

Ware Carnival

The Beavers and Cubs from the Group entered the Carnival again. This year the theme was 'Fun on the water' so we showed off the different activities that Scouts can do on the water, pulling along a raft and a canoe.
We didn't win any trophies this year but we had a great time waving to everyone that we saw on the route!

Friday, 29 June 2018

Teddy stretchers!

As part of the Pioneer badge, Falcon Cubs brought their teddy bears along to the Pack meeting and made stretchers to race them around the garden!

Making the stretchers with square lashings

Two of the completed stretchers

Racing the stretchers

We all had a good time and the stretchers mostly survived (well the first race anyway!)

District fun run

The Cubs of Ware & District had their annual fun run at Watersplace farm in Wareside. Lots of Cubs attended on a lovely cool evening and enjoyed the run around the countryside.
Well done to Braughing Cheetah who were the winners of the trophy!
Cubs from 3rd Ware joined in with the fun.

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Falcon's summer camp

The Pack again went to Tolmers campsite for their summer camp. They had a great weekend, taking part in lots of activities. They were fortunate with lovely weather all weekend. 
Here is a snapshot of what we did over the weekend.

Decorating T shirts

Washing up!

Craft in free time

The coconut tree climb

Building shelters in the woods

The assault course

Cooking dampers

Campfire songs

Air rifle shooting

Many thanks to all those Leaders who came to help, it was much appreciated by the Cubs and we hope that you had a good time as well!

Cooking at Cubs

Those Cubs who were not going to Falcon's camp had the chance to light a fire and cook some dampers during the Pack meeting.

Bill showed them how to lay and light the fire and they had a great time cooking.

District go karting competition

The Cubs from all the Packs in Ware had their annual go-karting competition at Chauncy school.
The Cubs all tried their hardest and had a great time, despite the wet weather!